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Across the country, political leaders, CEOs, and business and civic organizations are voicing their support for the Electrification Coalition’s policy proposals.

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Another critical element of the strategy was the support of the people who would be implementing any plan to deploy electric vehicles and infrastructure, from mayors and governors to private companies and utilities. An aggressive program resulted in letters of support from business associations, nonprofit organizations, utilities, and—more importantly—more than 50 governors and mayors from across the country, all urging lawmakers to pass electrification legislation.

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“If the United States electrified half its cars and light trucks, we could reduce petroleum consumption by almost 5 million barrels a day – roughly equal to the entire amount we now import from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.”

David Crane
President & CEO, NRG Energy, Inc.
Member, Electrification Coalition and
Adm. Timothy J. Keating (Ret.)
Former Commander, United States Pacific Command
July 22, 2010