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March 29, 2012

Charging Infrastructure Investment by NRG Can Solve the “Chicken or the Egg” Issue of Electrification

WASHINGTON – Robbie Diamond, President and CEO of the Electrification Coalition (EC), a nonpartisan, not-for-profit group of business leaders committed to reducing oil dependence through the deployment of electric vehicles on a mass scale, today praised the announcement that NRG would invest around $100 million over the next four years to build at least 200 fast-charging stations and infrastructure for 10,000 Level II chargers throughout California.

“This is a potentially transformational development that will build out the infrastructure to support the deployment of electric vehicles, and is particularly welcome as the average price of gasoline approaches $4.00 per gallon and tensions grow with Iran in the Middle East. 

“This investment means many things for the future of electrification. It will jump start the roll out of NRG’s eVgo business model in California, which is the largest car market in the U.S. It means that ubiquitous infrastructure will be available to provide comfort to consumers as they consider buying their first electric vehicles. In California, it answers the chicken or the egg question of how to time the availability charging infrastructure and electric vehicles, and it can serve as a model for the rest of the nation.

“Electric vehicle charging infrastructure is a key component to help the U.S. move away from its oil dependence. Electrification is critical to improve the nation’s energy security because it can break oil’s stranglehold on the transportation sector. Our utter reliance on oil to fuel our mobile, dynamic economy has threatened our economic security and has forced America’s armed forces to shoulder the burden of protecting vulnerable global oil supply lines and infrastructure.

“This investment is an example that I hope others will follow—acting now to lay the long-term plans to help reduce the nation’s dangerous dependence on oil. I applaud NRG for making this game-changing investment.”

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“Look at it this way: If 75 percent of the miles traveled by 2040 are not electric miles, how many internal-combustion cars will we then have, how many gallons of oil will we then be consuming and how much money will we then be shipping overseas, year after year, to pay for that gasoline?”

Steven Heller
Executive Chairman, CODA Automotive
NY Times, November 16, 2009