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July 14, 2011

National Summit on Energy Security Highlights Risks of Oil Dependence

Summit features Oil ShockWave Crisis Simulation, CEO Forum, and focuses on the solutions needed to improve the nation’s energy security

WASHINGTON – Top business executives, senior retired military officers and cabinet-level former government officials all participated in the National Summit on Energy Security today, issuing a clear message to policymakers that the nation’s economic and national security are at risk because of the nation’s dependence on oil.

The elite group of leaders kicked off the summit in the morning by conducting Oil ShockWave, a fast-paced war-game simulation where participants convene for a National Security Council meeting after an energy-related international crisis sends shockwaves through the financial markets, the economy, energy prices, and the geopolitical map. The participants were not briefed in advance on the crisis and were forced to respond to events in a real-time environment.

Oil ShockWave participants included Admiral Dennis C. Blair, US Navy (Ret.), former Director of National Intelligence and Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Command; Ambassador Stuart E. Eizenstat, former Deputy Secretary of the Treasury; Ari Fleischer, former White House Press Secretary; Stephen Hadley, former National Security Advisor to President George W. Bush; John Hannah, former National Security Advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney; John Hofmeister, former President and CEO of Shell Oil Co.; Ambassador John Negroponte, former Deputy Secretary of State and Director of National Intelligence; Ambassador Susan Schwab, former U.S. Trade Representative; and General Charles F. Wald, USAF (Ret.), former Deputy Commander, U.S. European Command.

“The Middle East unrest earlier this year demonstrated that the U.S. is not in control of its own energy security. Our oil dependence leaves us defenseless against volatile energy prices, weakens our economy, and constrains our foreign policy options,” said Robbie Diamond, President and CEO of (Securing America’s Future Energy) SAFE and the Electrification Coalition, the two sponsoring organizations. “The business, military, and government leaders assembled at the National Summit on Energy Security all spoke loud and clear about the need for a comprehensive set of energy solutions to reduce our dangerous dependence on oil.”

In the afternoon, a CEO luncheon focused on the economic reasons to improve the nation’s energy security, including a comprehensive discussion of the necessary solutions. The luncheon featured Frederick W. Smith, Chairman, President, and CEO of FedEx Corporation, and Andrew C. Taylor, Chairman and CEO of Enterprise Holdings. Chuck Todd, Chief White House Correspondent for NBC News and host of “The Daily Rundown” on MSNBC, moderated the luncheon.

The summit wrapped up with moderated discussions on different aspects of energy security, including industry perspectives on the electrification of the transportation sector, oil supply, and political turmoil in the Middle East.


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“Look at it this way: If 75 percent of the miles traveled by 2040 are not electric miles, how many internal-combustion cars will we then have, how many gallons of oil will we then be consuming and how much money will we then be shipping overseas, year after year, to pay for that gasoline?”

Steven Heller
Executive Chairman, CODA Automotive
NY Times, November 16, 2009