Mike Segal

Chairman, LS Power Group

Mike Segal

Mr. Segal co-founded LS Power in 1990 and has thirty-four years of experience in the power industry. LS Power is a power generation and transmission group with a proven track record of successful development activities, operations management and commercial execution. LS Power has been involved in the development, construction, or operations of more than 20,000 MW of power generation throughout the United States. The company is actively developing both power generation and transmission infrastructure to serve the need for new generation and improve the aging transmission system. Highly regarded in the financial community, LS Power has raised more than $13 billion in debt and equity since 2005.

Prior to co-founding LS Power, Mr. Segal served as co-head of Commercial Union Energy Corporation where he was responsible for managing the Commercial Union Energy Limited Partnership, a partnership focused on investing in power generation projects. Mr. Segal was previously President of The Energy Systems Company, a private developer of cogeneration projects, and held various positions, including General Manager of Power Generation and Systems Planning, with LEMCO Engineers, Inc. (“LEMCO”), an electrical engineering and consulting firm in St. Louis, Missouri. Prior to LEMCO, Mr. Segal worked for the Department of Energy in the former Soviet Union. Mr. Segal received an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Kharkov Polytech Institute in the Ukraine.

Mr. Segal immigrated to the United States in 1978. He is a United States citizen. He is married to Sofia Segal and has two sons.

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