Sept. 22, 1:20 p.m. ET
Best Practices in Scaling EV Charging Infrastructure for Fleet Operations

EC Senior Director of EV Programs Natalia Swalnick moderates a panel discussion at ACT Virtual about best practices in scaling EV charging infrastructure for fleet operations as part of Module 4 – EV Charging Workshop.

Fleet adoption of EVs has grown tremendously over the past year, providing several fleets around the nation with tangible data and experience on what it’s really been like incorporating EVs into their operation. In the first part of the EV charging workshop, we’ll be covering the evolution in EV charging deployments for fleets across weight classes and sectors (ranging from light duty to transit and off-road sectors). This session will examine the challenges in infrastructure deployments and management and the impact high power charging has and will have on the industry as more heavy duty EVs hit the road.