Guest Speakers: National Cooperative Leasing & the City of Des Moines 5/20/20 With the impact of COVID-19, cities and public agencies are looking for new ways to electrify their fleets. The Electrification Coalition’s Climate Mayors EV Purchasing Collaborative and the City of Des Moines, IA, joined for a webinar to learn how to save money by leasing electric vehicles for your fleet. Brian Bennett, the fleet manager for Des Moines, discussed his experiences and the City’s decision-making process to lease EVs. EC Technical Lead of Fleet Electrification Jared Walker speaks. Through one of its vendors, National Cooperative Leasing, the Collaborative has created a public agency leasing program to help reduce the upfront capital costs of electric vehicles.  Leasing will be especially beneficial in the coming months as budgets are cut and cities face potential economic hardships. Electric vehicles have a lower total cost of ownership than traditional gas vehicles, and the Electrification Coalition can help fleets calculate the economic benefits of EVs.