Fleets account for a significant opportunity to influence electrification of the transportation sector, with 8.5 million fleet vehicles in operation (passenger + light trucks) in 2017 according to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Transportation Energy Data Book. There are also benefits to the overall market with the transition of this significant portion of the sector by achieving economies of scale, increasing consumer exposure to electric transportation, and normalization of EVs by fleets and consumers alike.

Though electrification of fleets has the potential to significantly curtail U.S. oil dependence, there remain certain barriers for fleet electrification. Some of these can include the ability for public-sector fleets to access tax credits and rebates due to their tax-exempt status, the understanding of EV-specific total cost of ownership, access to technical guidance, staff and driver training, and other potential barriers.

The Climate Mayors Electric Vehicle Purchasing Collaborative (The Collaborative) is a partnership between Climate Mayors, a coalition of 400+ cities, as well as nonprofits,  and a cooperative procurement agency, working to accelerate the transition of city fleets to electric vehicles (EVs). By creating a new and innovative cooperative purchasing mechanism, the Collaborative is helping reduce major barriers to fleet electrification for cities and other public agencies.

This first-of-its-kind, one-stop platform connects cities with total cost of operation assessment tools, a large variety of purchasing options for EVs and charging stations, competitive and transparent pricing, and leasing options that can help capture the federal tax credit for EVs. The Collaborative also provides cities with training, best practices, educational materials, and analysis to accelerate the EV transition of their municipal fleets.

This April, the Director of Electric Vehicle Programs at the Electrification Coalition, Natalia Swalnick, will be joined by several other of the Collaborative’s leading voices, to speak on a panel at the upcoming ACT Expo. The panel of speakers include:

  • Moderator: Natalia Swalnick, Director – Electric Vehicle Programs, Electrification Coalition
  • David Dunn, Division Manager- Fleet & Facilities Management Division, City of Orlando
  • Michael Samulon, Senior Policy Analyst- Sustainability, City of Los Angeles
  • Mike Domin, Contract Administrator, Sourcewell

This exciting panel will provide diverse viewpoints about fleet electrification and specific details about how the Collaborative works as a fleet purchasing mechanism. Two of the fleet panelists—the City of Orlando and the City of Los Angeles, which are participants in the Collaborative, will share their experiences and perspective on integrating EVs and using this purchasing mechanism for their city. The EC will give an overview of the Collaborative, and some information about other cities which are leading the case for fleet electrification. Sourcewell will also provide helpful information on how vehicles meet city criteria for open bidding and how leasing options can be leveraged to monetize the federal EV tax credit.

This panel, titled “Aggregated Procurement” takes place on Tuesday April 23rd from 9:00am-10:00am. You can find more information here.

To learn more about this panel, to attend, and to view similar presentations, you can register for the ACT Expo by clicking here. Register before April 19th to save before the registration price increases.