Nevada Gets Charged Up About Electrifying the Silver State

On December 9, the Electrification Coalition (EC) brought together close to 100 electric vehicle (EV) policymakers, industry experts, and advocates for an informative and collaborative day-long session about how to accelerate EV adoption in Nevada. This session was the fifth in a series of state EV Policy Bootcamps the EC is hosting for the participants in its EV Policy State Accelerator that also includes Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virgnia. 

Participants heard from a wide array of state, national, and industry leaders, including Nevada Assemblymen Howard Watts and Tom Roberts, who showcased the bipartisan support for EVs in the state, and Admiral Jonathan Greenert, Ret., former Chief of Naval Operations, U.S. Navy, and member of SAFE’s Energy Security Leadership Councilwho spoke to the national security imperative for electrifying transportation. 

We also got the state perspective on EVs from the Nevada State Climate Policy Coordinator and leaders at the Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy, the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, and the Nevada Department of Transportation. There were also informative presentations on how to address equity concerns and considerations from Rudy Zamora, Program Director at CHISPA Nevada, and on how EVs can improve air quality and public health from Melissa Ramos and William Barrett of the American Lung Association. 

Additional sessions included updates on the national EV market, manufacturers’ perspectives on vehicle technology and policy pathways, and policy gaps around charging infrastructure. Speakers included representatives from GMTesla, NVEnergyEVGo, AMPLY, the Rocky Mountain Institute and the California Governor’s Office of Business & Economic Development. 

In the afternoon, the EC led a deep-dive discussion about a wide range of policy options to accelerate EVs in Nevada. This conversation utilized the unique “fishbowl” format to gather comments and input from all participants in a lively and entertaining discussion format.  The conversation kicked off with contributions from Nevada Senator Chris Brooks. 

It was great to have robust participation in our Nevada EV Policy Bootcamp. Thank you to everyone who spoke, participated and attended. We’re excited to work to electrify the Silver State!

Presentation Slides

  • Why We Need Transportation Electrification for National and Economic Security
    Admiral Jonathan Greenert, Ret., U.S. Navy
  • Breathing Easier for All: How EVs Help Air Quality and Public Health Across Communities
    Melissa Ramos and William Barrett, American Lung Association
  • How We Can Address EV Equity Concerns and Considerations
    Rudy Zamora, CHISPA Nevada
  • The State of the State & What is the Vision for EVs in Nevada
    Moderator: Dr. Kristen Averyt, Nevada State Climate Policy Coordinator
    Panel: David Bobzien, Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy
    Greg Lovato Administrator Division of Environmental Protection
    Sondra Rosenberg, Nevada Department of Transportation
  • EV Insights: Technology, Market Projections and Policy Challenges
    Moderator: Ben Prochazka, Electrification Coalition
    Panel: Thad Kurowski, Tesla
    Marie Steele, NVEnergy
    Sara Rafalson, EVGo
    Jaime Hall, General Motors
    Vic Shao, AMPLY
  • Where are We on Utilities Regulation? Best Practices across the Country: TOU and Rate Impacts
    Chris Nelder, Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Lessons from CA: What Can We Learn from CA’s EV Efforts?
    Hannah Goldsmith, California Governor’s Office of Business & Economic Development (GO-Biz)
  • EV Policy Blueprint for Action: Where Are the Leading Opportunities for Policy Action in the Near Term?
    The Electrification Coalition
  • Nevada Transportation Electrification Overview
    Atlas Public Policy​