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“The United States’ transition to an electrified transportation future isn’t a question of if – it’s when. ECBC creates a strategic alliance that can supercharge support for the policies and actions needed to accelerate transportation electrification at a mass scale.”

– Ben Prochazka, National Director
Electrification Coalition

The Electrification Coalition Business Council (ECBC) connects industry leaders with the Electrification Coalition’s nationwide network of policy experts, advocates and programs to collaborate on the development of pragmatic policies and actions that will expedite the transition to an electrified transportation future. The ECBC will work with the Electrification Coalition to advance the policies and programs that support the deployment of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure on a mass scale. The ECBC includes leading companies in vehicle manufacturing, charging equipment manufacturing, transportation systems, rideshare technologies and systems, logistics, fleet transition and consumer adoption.




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