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The EC works across executive, legislative and regulatory venues at the state level to encourage policies and actions to achieve widespread transportation electrification. Beginning in 2020, the EC launched a new initiative, the State EV Policy Accelerator, to engage 5 states to develop a replicable model advancing EV adoption through policy action bolstered by fleet- scale deployment efforts. This is combined with a Rapid Response program to support targeted policy education and support efforts in other states. Subscribe below to stay up to date on this program.

Advancing AmbitiousPolicy Opportunities

The EC’s state policy work seeks to advance ambitious policy opportunities, and will bolster efforts such as:

⚡ Consumer incentives
⚡ Infrastructure development
⚡ Utility rate design
⚡ Freight electrification
⚡ Public fleet electrification

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The Four Pillars OfOur State Work

⚡ EV POLICY BLUEPRINTS FOR ACTION: State-specific policy recommendations

⚡ EV RESOURCE TOOLKITS: Sample policy language, best practices, case studies, and public engagement plans

⚡ EV POLICY BOOTCAMPS: Stakeholder education and engagement using a “Teach, Train, Transform” model

⚡ PROOF OF CONCEPT EFFORTS: Including state-wide accelerator communities, transit and school bus electrification initiatives, and state fleet programs

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