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Electric Vehicle Fleets


The EC accelerates the transition to electric fleets including light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicle electrification.Through programs like the Energy Secure Cities Coalition, led by the EC and City of Atlanta, the organization is working with cities to reduce US oil dependency through the electrification of municipal fleets.

Fleets for the Future (F4F) is a national partnership of regional councils, the Electrification Coalition, Clean Cities coalitions, and other industry experts tasked with creating a national procurement initiative designed to consolidate bulk orders of alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure. F4F will reduce incremental costs and disseminate best practices on application, usage, and procurement strategies for the selected vehicles and related infrastructure.The Electrification Coalition serves as the technical experts for fleet electrification on this project.




FTA Low-No Webinar

In February 2021, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announced the availability of $180 million of Fiscal Year 2021 funds for the purchase or lease of low or no emission vehicles as well as related equipment or facilities and workforce development training.


Alternative Fuel Conversion Plan

This provides a step by step guide for Atlanta to convert to not just electric vehicles, but other alternative fuels.


Department of Watershed Management

A document showing which of 50 vehicles in the Department of Watershed were ideal candidates for electric vehicles.


EV Infrastructure Outreach

This is a lessons learned document from the Atlanta experience about the process of installing charging stations to support a municipal fleet.


Electric Vehicle Procurement Best Practices

This guide is meant to help fleets understand the benefits of deploying electric vehicles (EVs), as well as EV-specific considerations involved in the procurement process.


Fleet Transition Planning for Alternative Fuel Vehicles

This document presents general fuel-neutral guidelines on planning a coordinated bulk procurement of AFVs


Guide to Financing Alternative Fuel Vehicle Procurement

This document lays out the common strategies available for public and private fleets attempting to finance an investment in alternative fuel vehicles.


A comprehensive analysis of the advantages, challenges, and policies necessary to spur electric drive technology in commercial and government vehicle fleet applications.

Your contributions to the Electrification Coalition help us electrify the U.S. transportation system, reduce U.S. oil dependence, and improve national and economic security.