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Pennsylvania EV Policy

The Electrification Coalition conducts policy work in Pennsylvania to advance the deployment and adoption of electric vehicles and development of charging infrastructure.

Pennsylvania Policy Landscape

Pennsylvania has taken important steps toward an electrified transportation future. They include actions by the state government, local governments, and private sector, including utilities and EV related companies, in partnership with non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders.

Learn more about the policies, strategies, and partners can help Pennsylvania accelerate electrification in our Pennsylvania EV Policy Landscape. This document reflects input from a wide range of on-the-ground stakeholders and builds upon the insights of previous roadmaps and guidance documents, including those developed by the EC. It reviews transportation’s current impacts to public health, safety, and the economy, and it identifies a set of high-impact areas of engagement.

Pennsylvania EV Policy Bootcamp

We brought together 120 electric vehicle policymakers, industry experts, and advocates for a day-long discussion in August 2020 about how to accelerate EV policy in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania EV Policy Bootcamp featured the following keynote speakers:

  • Admiral Dennis C. Blair, member of Securing America’s Future Energy’s Energy Security Leadership Council and former Director of National Intelligence and Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Command. Admiral Blair discussed the national security benefits of reducing our dependence on oil and the important role that electric vehicles play in that mission.
  • Patrick McDonnell, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Additional sessions included updates on the national EV market, manufacturers’ perspectives on vehicle technology and policy pathways, ideas for addressing EV equity considerations, and policy gaps on charging infrastructure.

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